MEASURING BEAUTY - CULTIVATING TASTE PROJECT consisted of a series of tests of evaluating works of art by the APPARATUS FOR MEASURING BEAUTY AND DETERMINING HEALING OR HARMFUL ENERGIES OF WORKS OF ART conducted by ARTHEALING in april of 1998 at ART-TECH (Silicon Valley Institute of Art and Technology) in San Jose, CA.
The essence of the project and related concepts were documented in our film "The Final Solution".
This section contains some of the project's most important documents.


For the first time in history the construction of an apparatus for diagnosing the influence of the beauty in art on the health of humanity has been realized.

A founding principle of the apparatus' function was the idea of using the inherent biological mechanism in humans as a conductor of objective sensory information and a generator of psycho-physiological reactions of perception.

A mathematical analysis of the information received allows an objective evaluation of the work of art and its influence on the individual independent of the individual's subjective judgments.

Further development and implementation of apparatuses for measuring the correlation of beauty and health will give birth to a principally new kind of art based on the objective laws of art's healing properties.

The great experiment of scientifically validated art in the era of high technology leads to the reevaluation of the role of art in society and in the lives of people.